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UK - MKVII Light Tank Tetrarch 1938-1946

Military vehicles have played an important part in UK history, from the turn of the last century right up to present time. I have selected certain periods that tie in nicely with Trainz of this period. All items can be used as driveable vehicles (with invisible tracks) or as scenery items and loads for other Trainz wagons etc. They will fit the period 1930 - 1950'ish, or indeed may be used to present day as a Miliytary museum.

Prices are $5 for 3 different driveable AFV's, or $3 for 3 different scenery/wagon loads.

MK VII Tetrarch A7 1938-1946

MK II Universal Bren Carrier 1935-1962

Churchill II 1935-1962

Trainz TRS2004 compliant & testedTrainz TRS2006 compliant & testedTrainz TS2009 compliant & testedTrainz TS2010 compliant & tested

The pack will contain 3 AFV as driveable units for $5, or 3 scenery/wagon loads for $3, including 12 months warranty, fixes and updates. Please state with order which vehicles required and camoflage options. Individual AFV's are available for $2 each.

- My account reference is barn700@yahoo.com delivery upon confirmation from PayPal -
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