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Signals for the Period 1830-1880

Railway Signals were introduced in 1830 to inform loco drivers of impending dangers etc. They went through a tumultous period from 1830 to 1880, many many designs were introduced by the hundreds of Railway Companies of Great Britain. Ingeneous designs were made, finally settling down to standard types in the early 1880's. After several accidents of the new busy industry, the Railway Companies introduced signals to prevent or reduce the chance of such happenings. Initially the Stockton to Darlington and Manchester to iverpool Railways were the forerunners, with many railroads adopting ideas for the control of these very expensive new locos.

I have added some 40 period signals, split into sections to cover 10 year periods for your perusal. Some signals overlapped the periods.

You may see a good reference site at Railwaysigns.co.uk

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period 1830-1839
period 1840-1849
period 1850-1859
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period 1870-1879

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