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Signal Boxes

All buildings shown are fully TRS2004, TRS2006 and TS2009 compliant and tested. Rooves are slate tiled and different colours for ageing. Period clear windows and roof vents as shown. These will typically fit into any Trainz period layout from the early 1900's to current

Models include 2 or 3 levels of LOD (typically 1500/700/100 poly) and interiors. Each model is based on real pre-existing buildings from around the UK, includes 2 levels of weathering for full scenic effect on your layout. Models include bump mapping to give full 3D effect recommended for TS2009

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Signal Box 1
$2 each
1500/700 poly

Buildings are $2 each unless indicated, including 12 months warranty, fixes and updates. Any selection of 5 for $6, any 10 for $10

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