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Locos Rusty Scenery

These models are conversions of standard locos, weathered and rusty and disused. They are for scenery items, to be placed on or near tracks to display as a loco restore yard. Prices are $2 each for tanks, $3 for tender locos including tenders.

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LMS BR Black 5 LNER BR A1 LMS 3P LNER BR B1 SR BR N SR BR Drummond T9 SR BR Drummond T9

Trainz TRS2004 compliant & testedTrainz TRS2006 compliant & testedTrainz TS2009 compliant & testedTrainz TS2010 compliant & tested

The pack will contain 1 Rusty Loco locos for $2 ($3 for tender locos), including 12 months warranty, fixes and updates. Please state with order which loco/number/livery required for locos. All prices are in $US.

- My account reference is barn700@yahoo.com delivery upon confirmation from PayPal -
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