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LNER Thompson Corridor Coach set

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Models utilize 3 LOD, realistic detail where applicable, opening doors, interior passenger views, passenger enabled. Interior views, passengers and opening doors are standard, and a set of 16 destination plates are included to load on to top panels of all coaches. Ideal for populating the Trainz ECML from 1946 to the mid 60s. Coaches include 1st Open, 1st Compart, 1st Ladies, 1st Restaurant, 3rd Open, 3rd Compartment, 3rd Ladies, 3rd Pantry, Buffet, Kitchen, Compo Compart, Brake 3rd 3 Compt, Brake 3rd 4 Compt, Brake Compo, Brake Luggage Typically there were 15 coach units. Shown in the pics are the LNER Teak, BR Crimson/Cream, BR Maroon. The pack contains 15 coaches, including 12 months warranty, all updates and fixes for $18 US. Individual cars are available at $4 each.

If you have any questions, or would like a different livery, then email me at barn700@yahoo.com

Quality models for TRAINZ enthusiasts you can depend on !


The LNER under Thompson introduced these coaches for their express ECML trains between London Kings-X and Scotland. They underwent several changes in their life between 1946 and 1966, changing square windows to rounded corner windows, qnd adding a form of streamining with monsoon vents. All types are available, with different bogies for the streamlined version. They were painted steel to represent teak, later overpainted BR crimson/cream and later BR maroon lined.

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