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ATSF 3000 Class 2-10-10-2

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Add weathering to One Two or Three Locos!

The pack contains 3 different 3000 Class locos and matching tenders, any livery, animated cab crew, including 12 months warranty, all updates and fixes for $15 US. You may specify numbers (3000-3009) or they will be assigned. Full weathering add $1 per loco. Individual locos available for $9.
The model utilises 4 levels of detail (LOD), animated driver/engineer and coalman/fireman, Industry enabling for oil and water. Special texture mapping techniques are used with real rivet detail where applicable. Custom Horn and bell sounds. The clean version is shown. Note this is a LONG loco/tender, and care should be taken to ensure no tight curves on layout.
Road numbers: 3000–3009 Driver diameter: 57 in (1.45 m) Weight: 616,000 lb (279,400 kg = 279.4 t) Tractive effort: 111,600 lbf Boiler pressure: 225 lbf/in² Cylinder diameter: 28 in high pressure, 38 in low pressure Cylinder stroke: 32 in

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