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NER T3/LNER Q7 0-8-0 Loco

After the sucessful Q6, in 1919 a more powerful 3 cylinder 0-8-0 was designed for the heavy mineral traffic in NE England. 5 were ordered followed by another order for 10 in 1924. After allocation they were eventually moved to haul iron and coal at Tyne docks to Consett Steel Works. 5 were fitted with Westinghouse air braking. Between 1957 and 1959 all were replaced with the BR 9F. All passed into BR ownership, withdrawals were made for all in 1962. Pics and history may be seen here

These locos are TRS2004,TRS2006, TS2009 and TS2010 native mode tested and compatible, with Industry enabled coal and water. Includes 3 levels of LOD, spectral mapping for shininess and real rivet detail where applicable. Livery include NER, LNER early, LNER late, British Railways, BR early and BR late.

Trainz TRS2004 compliant & testedTrainz TRS2006 compliant & testedTrainz TS2009 compliant & testedTrainz TS2010 compliant & tested

The pack contains 4 NER/LNER/BR Q7 locos with different numbers, driver and coalman figures, animated coal loading for tender, including 12 months warranty, all updates and fixes for $14 US. You may select the 4 running numbers and livery (NER Black/LNER Black lined/LNER black unlined/British Railways/BR early/BR late). Additional numbers add $3 each. Please add $1 per loco for weathering. Individual locos are $6 each.

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